The Greek Islands


It is an island of with typical features like the rest of the Dodecanese . High hills beautiful beaches and the sea is of excellent clarity. The history of the island is common with the rest of the islands in the region.

Worth Visiting
- The Poseidon's cave. In this area tombs from the Minoan period were found.
- Koraki is the citadel of the island.
- The villages of Aperi, Menetes, Arkassa, Messochori and Othos.
- Saria: Small Island north of Karpathos where ruins and antiques were found.
- Kassos: South of Karpathos a small island perfect for relaxation.
- Swimming Beaches: Arkassa Phiniki, Amoopi, Makrigialos, Diafani, Apella, Agios Nikolaos.

How to arrive
- By Boat from Piraeus duration 18hrs 20 mins.
- By Air from Athens duration 1 hr 20 min.


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