The Greek Islands


Kos is the birthplace of Ippokratis father of medicine. There it can be found the remains of Asklipiio (the Clinic of Asklipios) and the temple dedicated to Asklipios.
The island was conquered by Alexander the Great 336 B.C. then the Romans were the rulers then the Turks the Venetians and finally it was united with Greece in 1948.

Woth Visiting
- The ruins of the ancient city. An earthquake in1933 revealed a temple dedicated to Israelis and a temple dedicated to Aphrodite.
- Asclepiad (Dedicated to the God of medicine) built the 4 th Century B.C.
- The Hippocrates tree which according to the myth he was teaching medicine in its shade.
- The archaeological museum.
- The villages of Antimahia- Mastihari, Kefalos and Pili-Marmari.
- Swimming Beaches: Mastichari, Tigaki, Kardamena, Kefalos, Chrisi Akti, Agios Theologos.

How to Arrive
- By boat from Piraeus duration 7 hrs.
- By Air: Departing Athens duration 40 minutes.


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