The Greek Islands


The excavations proved that there was a Palaeolithic civilization in the island. It was conquered by Persians, Byzantines and Turks. The treaty which was signed in 1920 incorporated the island with the rest of Greece

Worth Visiting

- The Archaeological museum is situated in the old governor's house. It contains sculptures from the Hellenistic Period as well as findings from Myrina and Ifaistia.
- The villages of Kaspakas, Plati, Kontias, Kontopouli, Kormos, Moudros, Nea Koutali, Rapanidi and Skandali.
- The archaeological sites of Ifaistia and Polichni.
- Swimming beaches: Myrina, Romaikos Gialos, Agios Ermolaos, Ebgati.

How to arrive

-By ferry from Piraeus : duration about 24 hrs.
             From Rafina: duration about 10 hrs30 mins.
               From Thessalonica duration about 7 hrs.
-By air: from Athens , in 45 minutes.


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