The Greek Islands


In Filakopi was found the oldest Neolithic habitation. In 4 th century BC Aphrodite of Milos was chiselled, which is one of most known statues kept in France in Louvros museum. In 1835 Cretans escaped from Crete and settled in Milos and founded Adamadas the main port of the island.

Worth visiting
- The castle in Plaka which was built in 13th century.
- The archaeological museum.
- The popular arts museum.
- The Ancient city of Filakopithe buildings found are between 2300-1100BC.
- La cathédrale de l'île - Korfiatissa.
- The church of Agia Triada .
- The cave of Papafrangas .
- The villages of Klima and Polonia.
- The Catacombes is the only monument of its kind

How to arrive
- By Boat from Piraeus duration 7 hrs.
- By Hydrofoil from Piraeus duration 4 hrs.
- By air departing Athens duration 45 minutes.

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