The Greek Islands



According to mythology Naxos was the island of Dionissos and Ariadni who helped Thisseas to kill Minotaurus. In the Byzantine period the continual attacks of pirates forced the inhabitants to settle in the inner island.

Worth visiting
- The village of Naxos .
- The entrance to Apollo's temple.
- The archaeological museum containing prehistoric findings from the period of Copper.
- The Byzantine church of St. Nicholas built in the 10th Century A.C.
- The villages on the mountains Damarionas, Filoti, Apirathos, Koronos and Komiaki.
- Swimming beaches: Agios Prokopios, Agios Georgios, Kastraki, Aliko and Pirgaki.

How to arrive
- By Boat from Piraeus duration 7 hrs.
- By Hydrofoil from Rafina duration 4 hrs.
- By hydrofoil from Piraeus duration 5 hrs.
- By Air from Athens duration 45 minutes.

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