Brief Escapes to Europe


Rome leaves a deep impression on all who see the city for the first time, so unique, so rich in history and art, so alive, it is little wonder that the Trevi Fountain is full of coins, thrown in to insure a return visit some day. It is no surprise either that Rome is known as the Eternal City . None has a past so colourful and few have shaped western civilisation in such a way. A living memorial to its past achievements and as much a feast for lovers of art and architecture as for lovers of good food, Rome is a pleasure to discover. The wealth of monuments will amaze you. The Vatican City and the Coliseum will be the first places to go, but turn any back street and you will find treasures that to Romans are a part of everyday life. Follow the steps of the great Emperors as you wander through the Imperial Forum where legendary stories of Julius Caesar and Gladiators come to life. By evening, follow the local example and top up with pasta whilst watching the world go by.


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